About us

So, how did a farmer get into clothing?

Long story short, I had a fair bit of time on my hands after my very breakable ankle ended up under an unbreakable Hilux...

Between setting up the farm's workplace health and safety systems (much to the amusement of everyone) I started working on a little project - Grower Supply Co.

The beginnings

GSCo. started out as a little project to keep busy while I waited for my foot to heal. There wasn't much intention to go too far with the whole thing and I mostly planned to just make a few cool products for myself and my mates.

Well, so much for that...

Welcome to Grower Supply Co.

Grower Supply Co. has quickly evolved into a popular choice for country clothing. Our goal is to produce quality modern clothing and designs that Aussies are proud to wear.

We're all passionate about agriculture and it's future in Australia, so why not create a brand that is equally as exciting?



We believe in supporting other Aussie businesses and if they're local that's even better!

We're proud to have all our printing and embroidery done locally in Toowoomba, QLD